On the road again

Heavy frost and a late start today. We decided on our Goodwood loop, out to Oving up over the Hill to East Dean then along the back of the Downs, over Duncton and back via Bignor, Houghton and Lyminster. A nice 55 mile cruise. Or so I had planned.

The ride went off way too quick and, as I was the unfit one, I did not feel that I should complain so I struggled on doing my turn and keeping the moans to myself. At Oving Barney announced that he was supposed to be taking it easy on his CV (I guessed Cardio Vascular). Whatever he was calling it I was glad to back off. An unfit pair of legs, a hard run Friday and 10miles easy yesterday…. I was in no fit state to “hammer”.

A puncture in East Dean gave me a rest and we had some fun passing the Sportive riders on the A285 up to Duncton Hill. Despite a strong, cold head wind it has never felt as easy thanks to the leap frogging from bunch to bunch. Riding down Duncton Hill I watched as some of the Sportive riders went with us. We were turning right so the guy trying to overtake needed a quiet word to avoid a massive pile up on the blind bend at the bottom.

My plan was to ride as a group down from Whiteways to Arundel as I get so frightened by the cars on that road. However, as Joe and Barney raced up Houghton I got dropped. For the first time ever the cars gave me some respect, thank you. Not so the dorks driving up Houghton Hill: ***kers.

My legs were screaming all the way home.  Despite that, I think that I am on my way back. The target, for now,


Bignor after the 16% short climb


are the Gorricks stating in January.

My feet? Warm and dry, the Northwave Farenheit boots are perfect.

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