To dangerous to ride…..

Its been cold for a long time and most of the local trails had an ice covering as the snow had been packed down by walkers and riders. In palces the ice was clear and solid. Last night the wind blew from the South and whislt it was still wintery cold it was well above freezing. We hit the trails at 8am and the ice had a covering of melt water. This was horrific. We chose to start the ride by climbing the path South of Rogers Farm. This was easy but once up top we were on ice. My brother had snow tyres on with studs, even he found it difficult. Eventually we admitted defeat and headed home, still in one piece and my knackered ankle had only suffered one stabbing jar as I fell. This ride was important as we three brothers only get out as a threesome once or twice a year. Thanks Bros!

It was not all bad as the night before I had done my first turbo session in well over 10 years. It was not as soul destroying as I expected. In fact, it did half of it with no music. Next time I’ll wear a head band and take a towel. Its a messy business.

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