My first taste of speed (and no mud)in months

I’d promised myself a road ride but didn’t expect to be out so soon. My brother is off this week so he was keen to get out. We planned to meet 7am at the shop but I was late and arrived in the van. If you want an easy start you don’t arrive cold or late. He was warmed up and keen to go. Not the best way to start. I was praying for the gel to kick in. I’d read that the Zipvit caffeine gel was good to take before a work out, and so that was breakfast.

We rode to Portslade at an uncomfortable pace, and into wind. At the traffic lights we headed North and into even more wind to start the climb from the sea to Devils Dyke. It is virtually a straight line (we used the disused railway line). I, at last, started to feel more comfortable, hurting but in control. This is what I have been missing: fast and uninterrupted riding. Once over the Dyke it would be downhill-ish until the Bostal. I was beginning to find my legs and for the first time in months enjoyed that feeling of pushing despite the effort. After one pull at the front I even slipped into that dream like world where you only see the blur of the hub in front, only hear the rasping of your breath and only feel the pounding in your chest. In a split second it was gone. I had recovered. The memory was of those sessions mid season when you are hammering on at the limit pushing yourself to see if you’ll blow. On a good day you just keep going always expecting to hit the wall but you never do. When you are really struggling you start to hope for a mechanical or even a crash. Some of you may ask why you don’t just ease up. But that is the one thing that never crosses your mind. If you don’t understand, don’t worry, you are probably the normal one.

Stress is good as its release manifests itself into extra energy. A stressful Monday, an easy ride Sunday and a caffiene gel for breakfast all added up to me having a good turn of speed. It was my turn to drop some one. I know that writing this I am tempting fate and will be left for dead the next time out but for the first time in ages I was the one setting the pace. It was good to be able to power off the front. We got back clean and dry – Oh for the joys of road riding.

Here is the ride as you can see, its all in the mind, it was’t that quick.

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