Full gas Sylvie

I often ask how hard is hard core? Two things have brought this to mind again. I was out for what used to be my regular spin: to Portslade, up to the Dyke and back via Poynings, Bramber and Coombes. En route I caught up with Sylvie. Now anyone that commutes along the A259 to or from Brighton will know Sylvie. She is the happy lady that has waved at you. More to the point you will have goggled at her as she hammers along with bronzed taught legs, short skirt, huge smile and often huge sunglasses. For me Sylvie is hard core. She is fast, strong, rides everyday, winter/summer/rain or shine.

Last week whilst doing a Cycle to Work promotion at EDF Energy in Hove I had a chance to meet up with Sylvie.

Sylvie, on her sit up and beg roadster, might give many of you a run for your money. One guy who won’t be beaten by her though is Jes Wootton. Last year Jes was fifty and he decided to make an effort and try to beat a PB that he set in 1989. Well, after a lot of physical effort and substantial monetary investment he started to break a few records. On Monday he knocked off another 2 minutes. This was staggering. Just imagine how far two minutes is when traveling at 28 mph. Half a mile! He recorded a time of 52:41 for a 25 mile TT with an average speed of 28.47 mph. Whilst I have always admired his speed and effort I now class him as truly Hard Core. Chapeau Buddy! There is no limit to what you can acheive if you are willing to put the effort in. The problem for those of us that aren’t hard core is that there is always a reason not to put in enough effort to make a difference.

Jes’s TT results

My ride: nice and easy, gentle on the hills and I missed out the Bostal as my knees are still aching a bit.

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  1. Jes Wootton says:

    Thanks JP. Actually, when travelling at 28.47mph 2 minutes and 5 seconds is getting pretty close to a mile, thing is, I know there’s more to come, it’s getting the extra out which will take some effort!

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