Do you feel inspired? What are you going to do about it?

I usually write this blog in the hope that it might help motivate or inspire someone some one to ride. In fact motivation and inspiration is what the shop is all about. With the TdF and now the Olympics you probably haven’t even noticed that I’ve not been writing.

What usually kicks off this rant is a ride that I’ve done or a product that I’ve tested. However, I’ve not ridden. I wasn’t able to pedal without serious pain and discomfort since my last race in HovePark. The race was fastest 4th cat that I’d ridden. I was red lining it the whole way and finished well taking a few places on the final up hill sprint but that is probably where I aggravated an old injury.

What a time to be off the bike? My birthday treat was a trip to the Champs Elysee to witness the total domination of the race by Team Sky. Since then Team Sky/GB has carried on their wining ways. I’m off to Hadleigh Farm to watch the MTB XC on Sunday, two weeks ago I was at Box Hill and the rest if the time I’ve been glued to BBC iPlayer.

The weather has not exactly encouraged new riders this year but now that it is nice and warm and the whole nation are TV cycling fans things are picking up. I’m often told that we must be benefiting from the “Wiggo effect” but that’ll take a while to kick in (unless, of course, you or your mates are coming down to buy a bike). The real legacy of the Tour de France and the Olympic wins will be if there is a change in British driving culture. You could start leading by example. To encourage cycling for the masses we need to drive slower where people live. As you are a rider, and may appreciate this, why not try a simple driving test. See if you can stay on or just under the speed limit (e.g. 29 in a 30mph, 49 in a 50mph area) for a week. In a modern car it is damn near impossible especially if you are on the way to work or ferrying the kids to school. I bet that you can’t do it no matter how hard you try. Then ask your self why most parents don’t let their children ride to school?

Now that we’ve beaten Johnny Foreigner at his own game on the track and in the greatest road race in the world let’s see if we Brits can emulate his respect for cyclists when driving. It’s not all about racing on TV but enjoying riding the road as well.

And yesterday I did enjoy riding. I was back on the bike, the sun was shinning and it was hot even at 8am. I could have been riding in the South of France. Bliss. I was inspired and really motivated. It’s good to be back on the bike.

Today I saw a little boy with a piece of paper pinned to his tee shirt. The word “SKY” was written on it. As he whizzed by, legs a blur on his 16″ wheeled bike, I cried out “Nice shirt”. His Mum said “he IS Bradley Wiggins”. Will he be a gold medal winner?

If you are interested in making Worthing a safer place to live, walk and ride in have a look at 20’s Plenty for Worthing.

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