Sharing the load. 3T Ergosum bar review

It was really warm as the group gathered by the pier with lots of faces that I had not seen before. It all started slow enough but then it gradually increased in speed.  It was the same old bunch at the front but with some notable reinforcements. Not only were these guys strong but willing to pull from the front. There were times when the group produced a well organised through and on and off and a Tuesday chain gang started to come together.

The ride didn’t really happen last week with only one rider braving the wind and rain so maybe the rest did everyone some good. A few of the guys were really on fire last night causing me huge amounts of pain. Thanks. Really I mean it. That is why I am there, to get to the pain barrier, hold it, master it and then go through. It might not sound like fun but I recover really quickly so can enjoy the sensation of the legs and body coming back together which I can best describe as the rush you get from the first hit of alcohol from really nice strong beer. I am not a druggie and rarely drink more than a 330ml bottle so perhaps that is why I appreciate the alcoholic affect so much. I got home elated and had no need for any more sensory stimulation, just water.

3T Ergosum handle bar
3T Ergosum handle bar

On a ride like this especially with the wind, yet again, in our faces on the seafront you need to ride low and most of the riders up front were in the drops and low over the top tube. I am used to riding long distances in the drops so when I looked at compact bars I thought that they were for newbie cyclists, not for me. However, since riding the De Rosa Merak and the Scott Foil, both equipped with compact bars, I have been amazed at how comfortable they are. After my last ride on the Foil I decided that enough was enough and I bought some 3T Ergosum handlebars. I chose these because the shoulder of the bar is supposed to be longer, the hoods are further away. As I often ride with my wrists resting on the shoulder of the bar it should be more comfortable.

Now I won’t say that the bars have made me faster but I really did feel comfortable on my bike last night. It might not look like much but on a road bike often a minor tweak is all you need to make a massive difference. The flat top and 44cm width really make climbing out of the saddle comfortable on the hands. They are only £64.99.

Thanks for dragging me around guys.

Here is the ride

I’m still using an Exposure Strada as seen on the picture. It mounts neatly under the bar.


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