Whyte Gisburn gravel bike review

Whyte Gisburn in trail
Whyte Gisburn – fun on the singletrack

A few months ago I reviewed the Whyte Saxon Cross. It was a fair review as I was riding a Niner RLT9 at the time. The Saxon was good but lacked a few key elements to make it a great gravel bike. The new Gisburn is a big step up. The once cross bike is now verging on being a mountain bike with drop bars. A true adventure bike. A fun machine.

I love it as I can ride virtually all of my favourite mountain bike trails and can enjoy overcoming the technical challenges. Add to that, that it is fast and fun on gravel tracks and knocking some road miles is all part of the Gisburn’s repertoire.

For more detail read my full review, including a tyre update, here: Quest Adventure Whyte Gisburn review.

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