Artist: Jo Burt

I’ve been around a bit and have been cycling most of my life. I rode as a kid because that is what kids did. I’d fix my bikes and customise them. Knobby tyres, wide bars, no mudguards and dirt…. anyone would have thought: mountain biking – but it hadn’t been invented! I started riding and selling mountain bikes in 1984. I ran a shop, ran a brand (Kona), ran more brands (Rocky Mountain, Colnago, Ridgeback), ran a shop again and now I just work on bikes and ride.

I work with Whyte Bikes offering advice, a collection point for their Click ‘n Collect service and any other issues that Whyte bikes owners might have. History of Whyte BIkes.

My aim all along was to inspire and motivate riders and that is still my passion. If I love it, then why not share it.

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JP racing first Mavlern Classic 1989
First Malvern Classic, 1989

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