What is the worst thing that you can say to a cyclist?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.” From that moment on you are destined for a torrent of abuse. Say that you forgot to look. Say that you have only just started driving. Say that you are partially sighted and shouldn’t really be in a car. But don’t say that you did see the rider. What…

Riding faster

I was asked last week how do you ride fast. The guy that I was speaking to rides regularly but doesn’t seem to be able to ride any faster. That got me thinking as I like riding fast. But before we get to involved we need to ask, what is fast? It is all relative….

Road rage – never justified even if you are a cyclist

I had an incident last night. Riding home, lights a blaze and keeping my eyes peeled, I was just cruising, I wasn’t in a rush. As I approached my turning I started to indicate and pull out. I usually pull out before every central refuge just to slow the cars down before they cut in….

Welcome back to work!

We’ve enjoyed over two weeks of easy, even social, commuting. Not so today! No Christmas cheer, no New Years greetings, just pure British driving aggression. This is what roads are for, being anti social, “I’m in my steel coffin to F  off outa my way – I own this space…………..” Pray for snow, floods, road…

Carved up and too tired to chase

I got carved up today. Big time. As I approached the Offington roundabout I pulled into the middle of the lane as recommended by the Institute of Advanced Drivers. I then proceeded to ride past the Warren Road. As I was about to get the traffic island a yellow luton van literally started to nudge…