Bicycle Servicing

Bicycle Repairs and Servicing

There is a dire shortage of bicycle parts in the UK which may affect the work that can be done.



The list below details some working practises and prices.

Sales: I do not do sales other than the parts required for servicing and repairs.

Conditions of service

Visit by appointment only.
Please confirm bookings by e-mail(click this link) It is too confusing tracing messages on Facebook, Instagram and all the other means of communcation. E-mail me with details of the bike and your telephone number. I’ll then mail back all the details.
Parts fitted will be priced at the RRP. I am happy to fit parts supplied. I would normally expect to be bringing the bike back to the condition it was when new so any worn parts will be replaced.
Sourcing non standard repair parts without the back up shop staff can be time consuming so can take a while. There is a global shortage of bike parts.
Bikes need to be reasonably clean. This includes the drive chain. Derailleurs thick with tar like dirt add time to your job. Always wipe your chain down after applying lubricant.
Bike with dog faeces will not be worked on.
Payments will be by BACS, account details will be on the invoice.


You will be asked before booking if you or any close contacts have had Covid-19.
There is a bike rack for you to park your bike.
Wear a mask and follow the 2 metre social distancing rule.
Bikes will be sprayed with disinfectant.


General service

  • Road/town bike £50, Mountain bike £60, E-bike £60
  • Check all bolts secure
  • Check all bearings
  • Grease headset
  • Tune transmission
  • Check brakes
  • Firmware update (E-bikes)
  • Report on general condition
  • All parts extra

Full Service

  • £160 add £40 for full suspension
  • Bike stripped down to the bare frame
  • All bearings checked and replaced if required (headset, bottom bracket, hubs, frame pivots)
  • Gear cables replaced if required
  • Brakes bled


  • Contacting supplier
  • Arranging warranty assessment/repair/replacement £40
  • Shipping costs will be added.

New Bikes

  • Bike assembly (new bike set up from a box) This includes greasing up headset, cutting hoses to length, setting up tubeless, setting suspension and advice on care/useage and a “First Free Service” within 6 weeks £60.
  • Bike Build – frame build up £70 – £100
  • Advice on buying a new bike (model, size, set up, value) £50
  • In our On-Line World not everyone has the nerve or confidence to splash out on a new bike without speaking to an experienced and unbiased expert.
  • This may take some time.  The service is suspeneded as from 1st June 2020 due to the lack of stock un the UK.
  • I am a Click and Collect centre for Whyte Bikes if they have any available.


  • Invisiframe fitting £80, please purchase the Invisiframe kit yourself.
  • Carbon frame repair POA.
    • I work with an incredible carbon expert repairer, don’t panic if you’ve trashed your frame. Carbon, unlike steel and aluminium is easy to repair.
  • Frame pivot and bearing replacement £70 plus bearings
  • Facing headset or Bottom bracket £30


  • Fork Service £30 plus seals (£25 – £30)
  • Rear shock air sleeve service £30 plus seals
  • Suspension bike set up £25

Dropper post

  • Dropper post fitting £40
  • Dropper post service £40


  • Tubeless tyre set up £20 per wheel
  • Puncture repair £10 plus tube
  • Wheel true £20
  • Wheel true and spoke replacement non disc £25, Disc £30
  • Wheel bearing service – bearings extra
  • Front £20
  • Rear £30


  • Gear service £30
  • Gear service including replacing internal gear cables £45
  • Bottom Bracket replacement £25


  • Brake bleed £20, two brakes £35
  • Brake pads – fitting new £20, pair £30
  • Cable brake service £25

New parts

  • Fitting new parts supplied – ask for a quote
  • Parts fitted will be priced at the RRP. I am happy to fit parts supplied.


  • Headset service (or bearing replacement) £25, (there are no standards, I have most of the popular bearings but I may need to order in).