Back in action

Yesterday as I watched the moon set over High Salvington I knew that the riding would be beautiful but I also knew that I needed to get to work. Over Cissbury for 30mins is not much of a work out so I forced myself to run. 30mins running is equivalent to 1:5 to 2 hrs on the bike. I am really making an effort to get back into fitness after a non riding summer.

This morning I had an easy ride just to spin out my legs before tomorrow’s blast. I was also excited to test my newest bit of kit: my Northwave Fahrenheit boots.  Riding through Goring it was great to see the kite and windsurfers out at 8am enjoying the weather. I remembered, with joy, a previous life.

I’ve got the boots all sorted, changed the insoles and set the cleats and, hooray, tomorrow will be cold. At least my feet will be warm.

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