Paula fixed her puncture

I ran a bike maintenance evening today. It was supposed to be promoted via the newsletter and the web site but with so much going on I never got round to it. Despite, the lack of promotion there were 9 of us, 7 girls.

We went through bike set up including brake levers and puncture repair. This involved the whole process from removing the wheel & tyre, finding the hole, fixing it and refitting the wheel. You may take this for granted but loads of people have problems. After the demo some had a go on their own bikes. Paula actually found a thorn in her tyre and then repaired it. To date she has always managed to get some one else to do this for her. As she lives in Rustington she had to get it right – she was riding home.

I’m sorry that you didn’t know about it but I will run another.  I would welcome topic suggestions for the next one (leave a comment). It’ll  probably be the third Thursday in November. It will be publicised.  There is still some wine and beer left for it too.  Thankyou Clare for helping.

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