Wet or what?

There is rain and then there’s rain. It was pitch black when I left this morning, not a good sign. My daughter asked if it was raining, having done a shower window check, I said that it wasn’t. Emerging from the garage, it looked damp but a bit of drizzle never hurt anyone so I was off.

I couldn’t believe it, I was soaked by the end of the road. So wet there was no point in putting my water proofs on. I rode on and by the roundabout I already felt water running down my shin. Believe me, if you were standing in your porch you’d say that it didn’t look that bad. This is not a moan as I can usually count, in a year, the number of times that I don waterproofs on one hand (and that is not because I am usually as fool hardy as today).

On the bright side, at least I rode in. I hate that feeling of guilt that you get when you planned to ride and something gave you an excuse not to. Rain, cold – weather or head, work – my excuse this year, time, changing rooms, showers, distance, the list is endless but are any of them really valid. Just imagine how it would be if, fit as you are, the doctor announced that you had to stop driving. It happens. There are worse things than riding in the rain.

Why am I so up beat? Well, in my drive back to fitness I have been recording my road miles with my Garmin 305. It has been depressing. The average speeds are so low! Yesterday I was checking through the unit and discovered that I had taken “auto pause” off. I did this when I had the illusion that I was going to ride the South Downs Way and auto pause gives you a false impression of your expected time. So Sunday’s 16 mph with tired legs actually doesn’t look too bad considering the pee stops, photos, hills and punctures.

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