Its too hot

I got out for an early morning blast today. Only a short ride but a nice one before work. This is a regular run: Sompting, up Titch Hill and down the Bostal, past the White Horse and the church, down past Bramber Castle, over the roundabout, up Maudling Lane and then down the Coombes Road and back via the A27 cycle route and finally to “The Fight” with the rat running drivers in Sompting Village. I always win because I am too quick on a bike.

I’ve been looking forward to wearing some winter gear but it is just too hot! I was roasting today, sweating so much that I was soaked on getting to work. Not what I had expected.

I struggled on the ride, although my heart beat did not appear to be too high I nearly blew a fuse as I stomped on the pedals for the climb at Annington. Earlier in the week I was in Chamonix without a bike so I ran, twice. I was amazed at how different the heart works in different activities.  I was quite happy running up hill at 177bpm at 1100 metres but back here at about 5 metres altitude I was really having a hard time.  Nice feeling though. Getting fitter!

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