Beating the weather

Make the most of it while you can. We are due for some harsh weather so I went for an early ride. It was great, didn’t notice the wind on the way out which was good but did on the way back (behind me) which was better. Going up Titch Hill the sky looked really bleak and snowy. I was warm as toast in my new Endura Windchill jacket and my trusty Northwave Fahrenheit boots. I also had the rising sun behind me.

This caused the puncture

There really is no excuse for not being comfortable riding whatever the weather.

As I pulled up outside the shop my tyre went flat. How lucky is that? There are so many gashes in my tyres that it was time for a change so I’ve put some Continental GP Four Seasons on. They grip like a mountain bike tyre so you feel as safe as you can do on winter roads. Time also for my Mr Crud Roadracer mudguards, there is nothing better – a full length mudguard for a road racing bike that only takes a few minutes to fit or remove.

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