Hidden miles

Heavy bike
Heavy bike – but nice

If you’ve read any of these posts you’ll know that I have a new bike and that I commute. The commuting miles are the hidden miles, they go unrecorded, unnoticed.

Last night I watched Chasing Legends so had to ride this morning. I couldn’t not ride after watching those Heroes. Despite having new road shoes I preferred to use my tourer.  I did my short Titch Hill/Coombes loop on a 27lb bike despite the images of TdF bikes in my head. This time I had panniers, lights, lock, water and Christmas cake: a staggering 41.06lbs all up. Now I know how downhillers feel although the weight didn’t bother me and I still managed the whole ride in the 50 tooth big ring all thanks to a 28 rear sprocket.

This was a descent ride and so I have decided to fit a computer. Now, those hidden commuter miles will get noted, after all it is the bike that I ride the most. Just imagine how great my Cento Uno (16lbs) will feel when I take it out to test my Northwave Typhoon Evo shoes.

Chasing Legends
Chasing Legends


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