Why are we funding an anti cycling organisation?

Yesterday morning in the pitch and freezing black I was trying to motivate myself for a road ride. The stealth like Wilier Cento Uno was sitting in the shop with my twinkle-toe Northwave Typhoon shoes alongside and my kit was laid out on the floor by my bed.

Ridgeback Panorama JP custom
My Ridgeback Panorama custom

It was 5:20 and I needed inspiration. The news was on. “Here comes the sports, always inspiring, that will get me up” I thought.

What happened next really hurt. The Doom mongering BBC, out of the blue announced that Alberto Contador had been banned! Do those B***** even know who he is? What about Ben Swift winning a stage in the Tour Down Under. Why bring this up? The BBC (B******ds Bashing Cycling) have had a hate campaign for our sport as long as I have been aware of the problems that cycling has had in the UK. They turn every news story into disaster, always make the weather seem worse than it is, are happy to promote alcohol abuse and hate our sport. Why are we paying to fund this organisation?

I’m glad that I got that off my chest.

I found it a real struggle to get out. It is amazing how much faffing about you can do when it is cold and there is a threat of rain or sleet. I finally hit the road, with so much to do, I decided to miss out the shop and ride off on my Panorama, fully loaded with change of clothes, water proofs, lock, tools, water and, not forgetting, lunch all in the heavy canvas pannier bags.

If you are like me every ride develops into some sort of competition. Usually in my head I’ll set a target and chase for it. If you get a chance read Tim Krabbe’s The Rider and you’ll know just exactly what I’m thinking, what motivates me to ride.  Yesterday a cyclist pulled out ahead of me heading up the A27 Sompting by pass (nutter). I slipped the lights and chased. I was on the pavement, I don’t like dual carriageways especially at commuter hour. Joy of joys roadie boy turned left to head up Titch Hill and I was gaining. I got close enough, maybe 70 metres but my light was so bright and flashing that he may have been aware of me. All good so far. Now for the steep hill and into the 34.  This was the first time that I had used the small ring, damn the cable kept rubbing my leg. I was making some progress and on the hill the gap appeared to be closing. My hopes rose and then, at the top, he pull away. I got to the false flat with a North Easterly blasting straight into my face and the rider was gone, even when I had a clear view to the Bostal I couldn’t see any lights.

Who cares? It is the chase that motivates and now, despite some snow flakes I was warm, happy and comfortable on my 41lbs wonder bike. I have just read an advert for the Ridgeback Panorama in the CTC magazine and it quotes a world traveler whose bike weighed 50kgs fully loaded. I’d need a granny for that!

So, stuff you BBC, you’ll not put me off! And don’t you dare bask in the glory of our boys and girls as they show the world what cycling is really like in the UK in 2012!