Use it or lose it

Yesterday I wanted a flat out blast but the mud got in the way. Whilst out I did my favourite jump and then went back to do it again (it is small, you’d probably not even see it but its a jump to me). Normally I whizz through looking at the rise and that is it. Walking back I saw some perfect ramps and berms.

Now, you may assume that, writing this, I blitzed the lot. No way! I never jump. I’ve slipped into a ground hugging safe riding mode.  If you don’t use it, you lose it. I’ve lost it.

These jumps are easy, small and, dare I say it, safe. The only problem is that I use my brain when riding and it’ll tell me to take care. I have the bikes (any will do but I’ll use the 140mm travel of the Mount Vision XM8 to give me the confidence), I also have the skill.  All I need is the nerve. I have been pedaling enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation for years. Unfortunately, I don’t sell nor buy in nerve – even at best dealer rate. I am going to have to make it myself. Perhaps Jimbo will help.

Wish me luck – it has to be done!

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