A Whinge

I am grumpy old man but I have reason. If you ride or ski or snowboard, or picnic or camp, (the list goes on and on) you’ll have your secret spots. They may be visited by others but when you discover them they become special. They become yours. You want to protect them and keep them secret.

Well, on Sunday whilst testing my nerve, seeing if I still had it in me, I dropped into my secret spot and found it full of rubbish. I was incensed. I don’t mind that others use it too but to leave cans, plastic bottles, beer bottles and face wipes spread over “my” secret glade is just not acceptable. I can’t understand that if you go to the effort to get there surely there will be some appreciation of the unique beauty of the spot. How can any one leave so much rubbish in such a pretty place?

I could whinge about this forever but action speaks louder than words. I decided to clear it up. I did, however, share my feelings with a fellow grumpy old man. As soon as I saw this month’s Mint Sauce in MBUK I contacted Mint’s illustrious creator. He would understand me. Check out the latest cartoon by our local riding artist.

I rode up on what is fast becoming my favourite bike, the Marin Mount Vision XM8. I’m a die hard XC rider but I can still enjoy a bit of travel every now and then especially as it climbs so well. It also get me out of all the trouble that is coaxes me into.

Heavy back pack
Heavy back pack

I filled a bin liner with all the discarded cans and bottles crushing them as much as possible to get them to fit. I loaded my ski/snowboard back pack and the started on the next bin liner. To my horror the rest of the cans were unused. This was heavy. I loaded this onto the outside of the pack with the board straps. It weighed a ton. All I had to do now was climb back up. It was a tough ride back.

I have told you about this, not for any thanks but, as Worthing is a small place, the word may spread to those folks than now have no dinner waiting for them on the hill.

Go up there and enjoy the place but please, please “Take out what you take in” and don’t even leave any tracks.

On a more positive note that trails were bone dry, I wore 3/4 tights and shorts, summer shoes, and was warm with one base layer and a Phantom jacket. Is winter finally over? I’ve got some great before and after pictures but I can’t show then for obvious reasons.

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  1. Steve says:

    I don’t know Worthing, but am now tempted to take a look. Especially since you’ve given it a good clean up.

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