All the gear – no idea

I am the man: swanky pure white North Wave Typhoon shoes, Kask Vertigo helmet and my trusty Wilier Cento Uno. He’s got to be quick…. One problem, I was not alone. Quick on your own is not the same as quick in company. Despite thinking that I had found form after Sunday’s ride all of a sudden I felt old, fat and slow. All the gear no – no idea.

We were out for a short, fast spin, from the shop to the top of Truleigh Hill and back: 22 miles. This would have been great accept that one of my mates, at least 20 years younger, was in the habit of chasing down cars like an over excited terrier. Hanging on to a wheel at 30mph is not the way that you are supposed to be showing off your new flash gear.

I was last to the top of the hill but did enjoy the warm air, the turqoise evening light and the company. Not being and regular evening rider and despite owning a bike shop, my light ran out of charge on the flat out descent back into Shoreham.

Great ride guys and good to get some speed into my legs.

Here’s the ride

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  1. Rob Loveridge says:

    I love the garmin breakdown of the rides – are those gizmos expensive?

    1. I use an Edge 305 with HRM which costs £259 but is fairly old now, the 500 for £199 will give you all that you need or the new 800 at £449 is the ultimate bike mapping/training GPS. I think that the cheapest GPS that Garmin do is the Forerunner at £169.
      I’ve had the 305 since it was launched and it goes with me from bike to bike or for running.

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