New gear and offroad for a change

Every now and then I get the chance to try some new stuff and some times the new stuff is so new that it doesn’t exist yet, at least not in the way that you’ll see it when it comes around. Today I was visited by a couple of guys with some new bits if kit. Great for me as it’s and excuse to get out, ride and all I have to do is pass comment. Nice work if you can get it. What I need to do next is to find a way of getting paid to do this.

I have been riding more recently but not been off road for a couple of weeks.  The last time that I was on the dirt it was a mud fest. This morning it was bone dry and I was a little over excited to say the least. I became a lunatic on the downs. In fact I had some particularly scary moments losing the front wheel and then the back. It was the fact that I liked them so much that I ended up riding past my limit. I  didn’t notice until it was pointed out but one of the bikes had carbon rims – that’s a first for me.  Unsurprisingly these light hoops rolled effortlessly up hill.

Pretty soon the exertions of Sunday and last night took their toll and trying to ride hard on the climbs was hopeless. Fortunately, one of my colleagues had had a chain gang session the night before so he was tired too. We got back clean and dry and then watched the rain come down. What a great way to start the day?

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