Youth is better than old shoulders and good kit

We were going for a quick and short blast up to Truleigh Hill. It’s a lot of fun with a load of high speed corners and so short that we can ride fast. At least we think that we can. I have bought a bike for Will to try so I thought that I’d get him out and let him see what real cyclist do. We’d teach him a bit more…..

When we had battled up the final part of the climb  we had a chance to meet up with Will. First time on a  road bike and he just rode away and up and left us gasping.

On the way back at least we could beat him going down. Then we hit the Broadway and started to work together to get back as fast as possible. Joe and I were swapping the lead and making good progress but Will is a quick learner and he soon figured out the routine and launched himself to the front. As he flew by we both cried out in unison “not too fast!” If we hadn’t he would have just ridden off into the sunset. The next thing was really surprising he instantly sussed out the technique and would move to the front at just the right speed to keep the speed up with out breaking up the group.

What can we teach this guy? He’s going to have a great time over the next few years. Imagine how exciting it must be about to embark on a life of racing.

Great fun but feeling well past it, here is the ride.

Strada 46mm
Strada 46mm

The kit: I was using the Strada Carbon 46 wheels again (lovingly built by Darren) and this time I was able to assess them without being over whelmed but how nice they made my bike look. They are lighter than my Racing Ones and climb and accelerate better. They are much more forgiving than the Fulcrums and so are good on the rough stuff but flex a bit on hard sprints but that is a small price to pay for the comfort and climbing. The bearings are incredible. Anyone familiar with Fulcrum wheels will know how good bearings can be but these wheels are in another class – they just spin and spin. You ought to see them when the bike is in a work stand. Finally, they corner incredibly. I’m using Ultremo Rs and can’t believe how fast and how low I am getting the bike. A crash, surely, awaits! They get a thumbs up and I really want to keep them.

Wilier Cento Uno Strada
Wilier Cento Uno Strada

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