It went according to plan – except for the important bit

Did it go as planned? Well sort of. The race was going to be a scratchy-cap. It is supposed to be scratch as opposed to a handicap. In a scratch race all categories go off together. In a handicap race they let each category go off at intervals, There are a few minutes between each so as a 4th Cat you get a few laps, if you’re lucky, before the whole group is overrun and swept by the 1st & 2ndst cats. In a scratchy-cap the groups go off with a few seconds between each.

Off we went and as you’d expect we 4th cats and juniors ambled round at our pace until we were caught. Fortunately we went through the start finish still ahead of the bunch so we could contest the prime and get some points. We were soon swept up and the race just rolled on with the group looking like a concertina as it stretched out and then regrouped. It was he first Goodwood Gallops of the season and was uneventful, windy and not too quick. I had a go leading the bunch into the wind and regretted the wasted effort. I did move up to the front group to try to contest the sprint but before I could launch myself for the final dash to line in a blaze of glory I was overtaken by half the field. So I am older and slower than I think I am or want to be.

It was nice to see some old faces and good to have a run out. Next weeks will be faster and harder.

Here is the race, thirteen laps and a warm down. I arrived too late for a warm up.

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