Dream time – 29er

Now I own a shop so I ought to be a kit freak but anyone that knows me will know that, for me, its not about the bike. I don’t want for anything other than time. I want to ride.  Or that was until I rode the Scott Scale 29er Pro (probably the best value/performance bike in existence). In the shop the “kit” is merely a means to an end. I am enthusiastic about what will make people happy in their riding. I sell stuff that’ll make your life/riding more fun/better/comfortable.

However, for the first time in decades something exciting has been catching my eye. I have noticed things of interest in the mags, on the net an in conversation. I’ve actually been reading up. Its got me thinking, dreaming.

So here’s the dream. Its not about where or how, which is my usual preoccupation, but on what.

The dream can be put down as a list:

Niner Air 9 Carbon – large, but I need a hard ride on a medium to be sure (in Tangerine)
Rockshox SID 2012 29er 100mm World Cup, probably 9mm QR
Enve Carbon tubeless rims on i9 classics with Maxxis Ikons for summer, Beaver for winter (now that was probably the wet bit of the dream)
XTR dual shifters and brakes (its my dream don’t forget)
XTR transmission 9spd to match the shifters….
New Ultimate Scandium bars (if thy are not wide enough then it’ll be Niner Carbons) and New Ultimate Ultralite stem
Easton EC90 seatpost
Selle Italia Carbonio saddle
Grips??? Probably Ergon GE1 – I reckon with all the rest I can afford a few extra grams
Niner Y.A.W.Y.D top cap.


Sweet dreams…..

In the meantime, being fit and fast is the focus, so off to Goodwood tomorrow for another thrashing.

Quest Adventure – for mountain bikers in the south east.


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