Don’t break the rules!

I’m not following a training program but I am, as ever, trying to get fitter. One of the best ways to get to get fsater and stonger is to race. I’ve been doing so many races that I’ve not had to worry about planning rides or motivating myself to get out. However this has its problems and becasue of that I may appear fit and strong to some but against my peers I feel like I’m going backwards. I know that its windy and that some of the riders are Elites but hanging on and just trying to survive on Tuesday is becoming a living hell.

Too many fast hard rides, I need some easy miles. The Golden Rule is this: Never more than 10% of your week at max, never more than 25% on your anerobic threshold. Recently, all I’ve been doing the riding at max and on my threshold. My excuse is that I’m too busy to clock up some easy miles. I must be disciplined and added some easy miles. I think I’ll take the Scott Scale 29er Pro for an easy cruise (makes sense as I am so focused on 700c wheels).

Today’s ride was hard despite being slow and with company. There were three of us. We decided to ride East, into wind, not expecting much wind and then to return in the rain protected by the Downs. I used this website to work out the wind Sat24. But it didn’t work out like that, apart from the ride from Newhaven to Lewes we seemed to be into wind the whole way. I bonked badly for the return. By Poynings I was finished. I took an SIS Smart caffiene gel in desperation. Would I make it home?

Wahh-Hooo! I was flying. Sometimes the caffiene and carb dose really hits the spot. I was on fire for the last leg and even caught my svelte weight buddies on the Steyning Bostal. Neither of them were on form but it is still tough for me to drag my heavy body up at their pace.

Here’s the ride disappointing to be so much slower than last week but I have been breaking the rules. And yet another ride in complete comfort never hot and never cold despite the wind and rain.

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