Endless Summer – Enjoy!

After the last few days I thought that summer was over. But I was wrong. I always get out several options of clothing Saturday night as I never know what it’ll actually be like at seven Sunday morning. I dressed for the cold, checked the thermometer: 14C, changed twice until I settled on shorts, a jersey (Endura FS260 – my favourite) and only arm warmers as a concession to the time of year. I was really hoping to try out the Endura Convert Softshell but that have to wait for a cold ride.

We went for an easy cruise out towards Singleton and back via Gratham. I can really recommend this. It is relatively flat, avoids main roads with only two short horrible sections (the A286 out of Singleton should be ridden with care as the drivers there want to kill you and the regular aggression of Houghton Hill). The ride back from Cocking to Houghton is a pure joy without a car in sight: as beautiful and pleasant as any where in the world. The old houses and cottages have a magical beauty, what a wonderful county Sussex is?

The easy pace eventually got to young Will and in Lyminster he took off. I chased him down having to sprint to close the final 20 metres. Once on his wheel I could catch my breath and we then shared the effort all the way back until I blew up. Will’s a bit of a limpet at times (I’ll have to explain what flicking an elbow means) and I rode all the way through Angmering at 40kph waiting for him to pass. It wasn’t until East Preston that he finally went, I was expecting to sit on his wheel and catch my breath but he rode by at 46kph, I sprinted to get on his wheel but he just kept pulling away. That boy is so strong.

We started in overcast and windy conditions and ended up riding home in sunshine. Bliss.

Here’s the ride, definitely worth taking. Thanks to Jes for showing the way. This will go down as a regular ride. There is a longer option, that is to take the A285 and head North, go East to Fittleworth then over the hill to Wisborough Green and back via Adverssane and Ashington.

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