Wintery, windy and wonderful – Northwave Fahrenheit boots review

Back on the road again. I just wanted a wintery blast, not too quick but fast enough and long enough to blow some cobwebs away and take my mind of business. I teamed up with a young guy who I’ve not ridden with before but his credentials seemed pretty good  so, unless I was going to get dropped, I’d have a good partner. Checking the wind conditions is even harder than when I was windsurfing. Needless to say the predicted Northerly seemed way stronger than expected and was in our faces virtually the whole way round.

I know that we shouldn’t wish the good weather away but I love the Autumn and the change to cooler days. I like dressing up in my warm gear and rolling out on a chill morn. Well, as this amazing year continues, it’s still not cold yet and we’ve only had one frosty morning but I did have my new winter boots to try. That was the main reason for a road ride. I’ve just got a pair of Northwave Fahrenheit boots. I already have the Celsius MTB boots and know the pleasure of riding with warm dry feet. Road riding is much colder than mountain biking so the need for decent footwear cannot be overstated.

Northwave were the first shoe company to work with Gore using the Gore-Tex membrane in the upper to make a waterproof and breathable shoe. Northwave have done a really good job in producing a shoe that performs as well as my carbon racing shoes and yet are, if anything, more comfortable. They tighten up using the same pull cord system that works so well on their snowboard boots and, as you’d expect from business also respected for its snowboard boots, they know a thing or two about keeping your feet warm. I’ll report on their performance when the ice man cometh, however, I can report that last winter (which was really severe) I never (read that again, never) got cold feet. Northwave suggest that the temperature range for the boots is from -10C to +15C. The cuff is made of soft neoprene which is really comfortable and when vlecro’d down provides a water proof seal.

As for the ride we went to Newhaven (an often ugly and boring route) and then headed North to Lewes. This is a great road following the Ouse and after Lewes we hugged the base of the Downs on the pretty and quiet roads all the way back to Steyning. The route from Lewes is to be recommended.

Here is the route faster than I expected, that might be why my legs are aching.

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  1. will miccio says:

    can you let me know where i can get replacement laces for my fahrenheit shoes

    1. They are available from any Northwave shop, like mine. They are only £1.02 a pair.

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