No New Years resolutions, but……

Whilst I don’t do New Years Resolutions I did feel good rolling out at eight am on New Years Day. There was only my brother and I as the others didn’t make it. We didn’t see one other cyclist until we met a girl at the railway crossing in East Preston, nearly home. Where were you all?  My legs were heavy from 10 days of skiing and seasonal festivities but the ride was fun. In my current state it seemed fast and nigh on impossible if any slope was steep. Surprisingly we still averaged a fair speed.

Although there are no New Years plans yet I got a call from Will asking if I wanted to do a couple of hours this morning. What a great start to the year?  Of course, I agreed. Now there is one thing riding with your loving brother but riding with a young pup is altogether different. Will seemed to be on fire. I couldn’t catch him and had to wait for him to stop for me to catch up. I felt terrible but I didn’t know whether to blame only having 2 rides in a month and the skiing or the fact that he was so strong. I asked him what pace he thought that he was riding at: steady! He did admit to feeling good and that this was all he had been doing for the last month.

So no plans as yet but I have had a serious wake up call and need to get back into shape. Its three months to the start of the race season and with the current fair weather I have time and the right conditions to do something about it.

Happy New Year!

Here are he rides: New Years Day and this morning.

Kit: Wilier Cento Uno with Crud Roadracer mudguards, North Wave Fahrenheit boots, Endura Convert Soft Shell and Kask Vertigo helmet. Couldn’t have been more comfortable for both rides.

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  1. Paul says:

    Happy New Year to you and well done for getting out! Prey tell what was your choice of steed? or what bike was you riding?

    1. Hi Paul, sorry for the late reply but I have only just seen this. I usually see the comment in my in box. I was riding my trusty Wilier Cento Uno with Record 10speed, Fulcrum Racing Zeros and winter tyres: Conti Grand Prix Four Seasons.

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