Inspiration and motivation are all that you need but a new 29er helps

You may want XX, Super Record or be dreaming of Di2 but no equipment or expense will work if it doesn’t come with some inspiration and motivation. Of course, buying a new bit of kit often provides the motivation or being in a group but really it needs to come from within.

Yesterday, I tried to rise above the effect of the cold weather but I couldn’t imagine riding today. Then the customer borrowing the Scott Spark 29er called up to cancel. Result! That would be my ride today. I immediately got excited about the route. I was going to ride to Portsmouth via the South Down’s Way and Queen Elizabeth County Park. I could meet my wife there for a lift back. The trail conditions were perfect being both dry and frozen. With the wind blowing from the East, 29 inch wheels and full suspension I was sure to be really quick.

And then the snow came. I went to bed depressed and I slept in. I never do that! I had let the weather beat me. I was demotivated and lacked any inspiration as I surveyed the thaw. There is nothing worse than this for riding so I spent the morning alternating home plumbing with watching the Down Hill in Les Houches and then the Tour of Qatar.

As Boonen celebrated victory and Cav rolled in at the back I noticed that it was gone 1pm, it was Sunday and hadn’t ridden. What was happening to me?

I needed to make an effort. I got changed and rode off on the Spark 29er. It was cold and I felt miserable but I soon found myself on a climb and relishing the challenge of maintaining traction and staying upright. This was fun. The riding was incredibly slow but really challenging as the snow was up to 10cm deep and melting. At first I panicked each time that the front wheel slid but eventually it just seemed normal and I got better and better at riding through the sliding front end.  Eventually the fear of falling left and I began to relax. I couldn’t get up Cardiac Arrest so rode down the back of Chanctonbury which was in great condition partly because it has been so dry this winter and also because the ground was still frozen despite the water and melting snow.

So after a week of freezing, mind numbing weather I managed to find some inspiration and motivation and now I can’t wait to give this bike a hammering. The only thing that I can report is that the climbing traction is incredible. I was amazed to be able to pick my way through the walkers as I ascended the Wiston Bostal cleaning the whole climb with hardly any dabs.

So thanks to the Scott Spark 29er for inspiring me to self motivation.

Comfortable and warm thanks to Gore Tool jacket and Northwave Celsius boots

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