Does cycling make you sexy?

I have to ask this question or perhaps I should add: does cycling make you detestable to the opposite sex?

In the less than a week I have had four “incidents”. Three Buzzes, this is where a car goes out of its way to pass you much closer at speed than is necessary and one where the driver on a dual carriage way gesticulated that I should pull over rather than go to the excretion of turning the wheel and pulling into the outside (overtaking) lane.

Now, you regular riders will probably think that that is normal for Worthing. The town proudly boast the worst roads in the county for cycle safety – why do they always blame the roads? Surely it’s the drivers…. But what makes me wonder about my sex appeal, or lack of it, is that all four drivers were young women with small hot hatches! As an old boy, a bit of flirtatious attention is always good for the moral but gone are the days when I would risk my life for a moment with a young woman.

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