Life without Strava

I rode yesterday and today without my GPS. Now that might not sound like a big deal but life has begun to change. I am used to having a speedo when on my road bike but yesterday’s ride was just a pre work whizz over the hill so it didn’t really matter. I don’t (should say didn’t) usually bother on a mountain bike ride unless I am doing something special. However, that was all before Strava. Even though I wasn’t planning on going hard yesterday I already knew the Strava Segments and was looking forward to riding them with my virtual buddies. These riding friends I have never met. However, I know who they are, who they ride for, where they ride and how often they ride but I don’t actually know them. Yesterday, I missed them. I forgot that I had lent my Garmin to a fellow riding to every Sainsbury’s in the area for Sport Relief (about 80 miles per day).

Today was even worse as I was mountain biking and was really flying. Even though I didn’t have a speedo I knew that I was climbing fast. I was on a 29er (the Whyte 829), several gears up on what I usually use and I was turning the pedals way faster than normal. I’d usually be content with my form but I’ve got used to seeing my name on the leader board  and I’m sure that I’d have smashed my previous bests.

I can always do the climbs and descents again but today really was magical. The trails were in mid summer condition, the sun was up and it was really warm. It was riding bliss. I want my Garmin back.

By the way you can get a Garmin Edge 200 for only £129.99 and it will do all that you need.


Northwave Extreme Tech SBS

Yesterday I tried out my new cycling shoes: Northwave Extreme Tech, they are the lightest and stiffest on the market and the deal that I got meant that I would get the lariest colour imaginable. The Radioshack/Nissan/Trek team with the Schleck brothers and Fabian Cancellara are using the very same shoes. One of the standout features of the shoes is the one piece upper which means that there are no stitching points that could cause discomfort. Mine are supremely comfortable and, despite the look of the one piece upper they have plenty venting. There is an SBS buckle and a BOA type cord closure which is very efficient, keeping the shoes nice and tight without any pressure points. They made me feel fast even if there was no Garmin/Strava proof to back that up. I’ll review these properly once I’ve done a long ride.

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