Way out of my league

Fourteen weeks ago I decided to make an effort to get fit. I’m not there yet but I am doing OK, or at least I thought that I was until this morning. Last Sunday I felt that the ride was hard and quick and that it was in part down to me. Tuesday I set out to do some Strava busting and Friday we really pushed it on the way back from Hastings. I was feeling pretty chuffed that I was definitely getting back some form and after such a hard week, not feeling too tired. Then I went for a ride with Will.

He came round and we set off fast, I felt as if I was in a race straight from the house. It takes me about an hour to fully warm up so I was hanging after the first climb. It was raining and the roots were greasy as can be – just waiting for some one, pushing past their limit, to make a mistake. The front wheel seemed to have mind of its own. My legs were screaming on each climb and yet I was the one that chose the route. Why go down the Lion Trail when it means the Mouse Lane climb?

About half way through the ride I started to find some power without pain and we even had a few moments when you might even have guessed that we were riding together as a pair – albeit not that close. Thankfully I had a two hour time limit and I was able to cut back home just a few minutes early.

I’m heavier, my bike is heavier, I’m even older than his Dad and to make matters worse he’s ask to ride with me the two times that I have been at my worse: after a couple of indulgent weeks skiing and after a 170 odd mile hard week. I’ve loads more excuses but the list is too long and even if they were all sorted, I’d still be left behind!

I’m never going to be a match for him but I am determined (and stupid enough) to keep riding just so that one day I can have another ride and at least keep him in my sights. In the mean time I’ll keep racing my virtual Strava buddies as it doesn’t hurt so much.

Will has everything going for him, the right genetic make up, age, strength, supportive parents, a good coach, self discipline, motivation and enthusiasm and he is only just starting out as a racer. Watch out for him!

Whyte 829 & Whyte 29C

I was riding the Whyte 829 and Will was on a Whyte 29C two great bikes with virtually the same geometry.  How often do you get a bike that is both perfect for racing and trail riding? You are welcome to try the 829 demo and are encouraged to buy one of the 29C that we have ordered as they’ll be a lot more money next year. Once our bikes have sold there’ll be no more in the UK until August.

Here is the ride on Strava. All climbing and slippery singletrack

Check out the news and blog here

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  1. brutalemp1re says:

    Could I go for a ride? Just a tester

  2. brutalemp1re says:

    I would love join just for experience

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