Making the most of the conditions

There is usually plenty to write about and plenty of miles to record, however, there’s not much “proper” riding going on. Last week I knew that I couldn’t ride on the Sunday so rode as much as I could in short sharp bursts which was not good as I am injured. A couple of Sundays ago I finally felt fit enough to really push it. I did my fair turn at the front and with the constant wind I really tucked down low and powered on. Riding so low under duress seems to have pulled my hamstring. Cycling is not the sort of sport where I usually get injuries from riding, crashing – yes, but riding – no. Despite the strain, I did all sorts of rides last week to try to make up for missing Sunday. I got soaked 3 times on Wednesday on three separate rides. I had to test a Whyte 146 for a customer so, instead of the usual up and over Cissbury, I went to Steyning to make sure that it was hanging together in the air and on the ground. We ran out of a specific brake pad so that provided another excuse for a blast, this time to Shoreham. So all in all, I got out on the bike a lot just by commuting and running errands, but really I should have been taking it easy.

Yesterday I was determined to grab the only dry sunny bit of the week to cruise over to see the bluebells in Angmering Park but with work (a poor excuse), hurty leg (good excuse) and apathy (the worse excuse) I just rode home. So it was with an odd pleasure that I donned waterproofs and rode in this morning. As an Englishman commuting most days I know that it is only a few times a year that I’ll actually need waterproofs. The rain poured and the wind howled and I felt snug and warm passing all the traffic. So that it my one bit of riding excitement to tell you about.


BOR XMD 333 wheelset 1370g

However, I am working on a project that is making me very excited: my own 29er. I had ordered up a Whyte 29CS for my self but for various reasons there is a lucky main riding it in Steyning, so with no Whyte 29CS or 29C left until late summer I have had to sort something else. Paul wants to build me some wheels but I am terribly fussy. I don’t want to spend too much, I want super light, tubeless and a hub with good pick up. I think that I have found the answer and they weigh 1370g, lighter than my road wheels!

Whilst waiting for a Whyte I may be getting a Niner to build up. Once complete I’ll be able to review some other off-road bits of gear that I have just picked up. As you can imagine not having my own bike has taken some of the sparkle out of riding off road. I’m not bored with the dirt but, since trying 29ers, I just look at it differently and I want to ride further and faster than I can with a 26”. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, most days the demo 29ers are out on loan.

I’ll keep you posted.


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