The future is bright – the future is bike

It’s hard to imagine quite how our car mad nation is going to change over the next few years. I went up to the Surrey Hills on Sunday and the roads and trails were packed with cyclists: tourists, wannabe racers, sportive riders, XC guys and the new style gnarly North Downs free rider. What a party? Add into the mix thousands of passionate British sports fans and it was safe the say that Surrey was the UK’s cycling Mecca. Great news for cyclist but the local residents may regret having their luxury houses in cycling heaven.

Cav making the most of his last ride in the Rainbow Jersey

We rode up to get a taste of the Tour of Britain hills and then to watch our cycling stars perform. It was one of my the best days this year – living the life. After our road ride from Worthing we relaxed with  coffee in Cranleigh whilst the rest of the group arrived. I got a more sensible bike and we sneaked into some great viewing spots by riding the Downs Link and the Wey South Path. What a day? And it was finished up with Cav’s stage win, Tieran-Locke’s GC win and House’s KOM. The Brits are in charge. There are a few more pictures here.

Today I was brought back to reality. My brother was knocked off by a hit and run driver last night. The Police went round to see the driver, they breathalysed him and he was over the limit. Fortunately Joe is OK but bruised and with extensive road rash. British Cycling solicitors are already on the case. If you ride I’d recommend joining British Cycling or The Cycle Tourist Club as their insurance and support will be invaluable if you get knocked off.

I rode my Devil’s Dyke loop this morning and between Lancing and Portslade only 7 cars passed me such was the traffic mayhem. Despite riding through it I can’t tell what the reason for the traffic hold up was. Those morons must really love the smell of their own farts to want to sit in a car going nowhere when the option would have been to join me cruising along through the fresh Autumn air enjoying the warmth of the rising sun.

There was a constant flow of riders heading West towards Worthing so at least some people have seen the light. The way things are going we are approaching the critical mass that will mean the Sussex may well go the way of Surrey and cycling will become a part of everyone’s lives whether they drive or ride. People will be happier, healthier, roads will be clearer for those that want to drive and I’ll be able to have a ride without having to keep stopping for those damn slow coaches clogging up our roads with their expensive and wasteful machinery.

Here’s to a happy future.

Here is a link to some of the Surrey Hills rides and a good route there

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