Winter and wet but still worth riding. Endura Photon jacket

This morning I read about the various C2C routes that we have in England. I was inspired. So instead of riding to the shop to pick up my Garmin equipped road machine to record another ride on Strava I went for a cruise on the tourer.

Riding over Titch Hill I was not alone, I had the company of all those drivers trying to avoid the Shoreham Flyover jams. Unbelievably, the cars respected my space. I suppose that they knew that they were disturbing the peace in order to try and save a few minutes commute. Or was it the Flouro jacket? I have finally bought a safety jacket. It doesn’t seem so uncool anymore. In fact I am trying to buy a Scott ski jacket in exactly the same colour. The carefree feeling of being on a tourer soon went as I struggled up the hill with a bike approximately 3 times the weight of my Wilier.

At least I would feel safe with 28mm Schwable Marathon Plus and good canti brakes but on the first right hander down the Steyning Bostal the back wheel slid out. Remembering a previous winter crash I was pertrified all the way down. The way back from the Coombes Rd to Worthing the A27 is a real mess on the road or on the pavement. I even saw Tim Loughton MP monitoring the traffic. Ironically, the road works had slowed the traffic enough to prevent any concertinaing and as a consequence was flowing too fast for me to join the carriageway.

Despite the road works, cold, wet, puddles, mud, leaves and heavy bike it was still great to be out on my bike. For you Strava victims please note that none of my runs, commuter miles or town trips get recorded on the Strava cloud.

The kit:

Endura Photon jacket

Endura Photon jacket
Endura Photon jacket

100% waterproof and breathable, so they say. I bought this because I wanted and emergency top that was light enough to carry everywhere and a slim enough fit to be usable on my road bike. I chose the flouro colour as I was likely to be using it on the road and in pouring rain. It seems to have an effect on drivers.

It is incredibly light and 100% waterproof. It is a bit “boil in the bag” but so is any 100% waterproof, lightweight top and its main purpose is protection on days when its pouring. The surprise as that it is very breathable. Once back at the shop I dried out way quicker than expected, so much so that I never took of my BaaBaa baseleyer. With that in mind and its modest price I can thoroughly recommend the Endura Photon jacket as an emergency, light weight, packable waterproof top on or off road. It comes in less lary colours too.

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