Quest Adventure Shop Ride 02/03/13

Shop ride 020313
Shop ride 020313

The trail conditions could hardly be better. Bone dry and just a little bumpy where the mud has dried out with foot or hoof prints still there. The shop ride is so popular that we split it into two groups and I was lucky enough to ride with the regular crew. The rides are governed by what was possible and not too muddy but today we could go anywhere. We headed for The

Excitement at the end of the Blue Run
Excitement at the end of the Blue Run

Blue Run and then zig-zagged around trying to avoid climbs as my legs were tired. I failed here as we seemed to be going up all the time.

Whyte T129s and M109.

Mike was borrowing the T129 and I was using the M109. He was concerned that it would be slower than his Nuke Proof Mega. I just said “wait and see”. We both blasted the Blue Run together and the Whytes flying. When Mike got home he was overjoyed to see so many Strava PBs. There’s no doubting that the Whyte T129 is fast. Meanwhile I was enjoying the comfort and speed of the M109.

Finally, in a hidden valley, it was nice to see the fields being worked. Hopefully there will

Pruning the vines
Pruning the vines

be some fine wine to be had on the near future. Who needs to go abroad?

It doesn’t get much better than this. Here’s the ride.

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