Celebrating the freedom of the town & the De Rosa Merak with light wheels!!

At least fifteen were out for a blast around town last night. Whilst I appreciated the tranquillity of Worthing the fact that nothing, apart from the seasons, seems to happen here meant that I didn’t show the pride that you might expect from a lifelong resident. However, last night, in fact every Tuesday night now makes me proud to be a Worthinger.  We give up our street to the motor vehicle during the day and then at night reclaim it for the riders and runners of the town. On Tuesday nights, at least, the bike is king and the town embraces its residents instead of its cars.

There’s the odd idiot driver out there but generally anyone with half a brain would realise that during those evening rides its worth backing off and dare I say admiring a group of speeding cyclist. After all we are in Britain which is now ranked as one of the best sports cycling nations in the world.

De Rosa Merak with Fulcrum Racing 1
De Rosa Merak with Fulcrum Racing 1 & 25mm GP4000

I finally swapped wheels on the De Rosa Merak and fit the eleven speed cassette to my Fulcrum Racing 1s. This transformed what was already a fast bike into a true racing machine. I cannot over emphasise the benefit and importance of good wheels on a road bike. Changing from 105 to Dura Ace, Centaur to Record or Rival to Red may make you feel good and will make the bike lighter but only changing your wheels will make you faster.

The combination of stiff light wheels, super stiff frame and, on top of all that, Campagnolo EPS (Electronic Power Shift) made for an exciting time riding in a bunch twisting, turning and accelerating through the town. And as a result I woke early this morning, full of the joys of Spring and motivated to take on the world. Riding fast does more than keep you fit: it energises your Soul!

Here is the ride, thanks to everyone that made it fun and don’t believe everything you see on Strava, I was hanging back last night and yet Strava has me down for a KOM on Warren Hill! I can’t ride that fast. Just figured it out, I don’t usually drive and ride, so forgot to switch the Garmin off.

For 20splenty campaigners: we averaged 20mph.

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