Check your bolts but not the weather. Garmin Edge 510 review

The forecast this weekend was pants so my buddies were debating whether to ride, and if so, what to wear for the Little Lumpy 100 mile Sportive. How wrong could the forecast be?

Wilier Cento Uno in Bignor
Wilier Cento Uno in Bignor

I was riding local and left at 7:30am with a chill in the air but I only needed arm warmers for protection.  It was going to warm up and it did. We flew along in the still conditions and our average stayed high until disaster struck. I warned that there was a steep hill approaching. It is 16% by Bignor Mill but seems much steeper. There was a loud crunch and a Dura Ace 39 tooth chainring bent over and made a perfect carbon frame cutting tool! The cause, other than my buddies sheer power, was a missing chainring bolt.

Chainring bent enough to saw the frame
Chainring bent enough to saw the frame

A rock and a bit of ingenuity sorted it out but we decided to avoid any hills on the way back. That meant riding from Amberly to Storrington on the B2139. Never again! I’d rather walk across a mine field wearing a blind fold. At least I won’t be so frightened. That road represents everything that is bad about the British approach to road safety.

Garmin Edge 510

I have been using a Garmin 510 for a few reasons. I need to know how it works as I run a shop. If you’ve read this blog you’ll know that I have trouble taking it easy on a bike and last but not least, my wife can follow every inch of the ride. The heart rate monitor helps me keep an eye on my effort and the Live Track function e-mails whoever I want and they can then follow the ride on a map with my speed, average speed, distance etc. It is truly remarkable.

I can read it and even customise the screen without my glasses and I have set various views up for mountain biking, road riding, training and racing. I even choose the bike that I am riding before I go out. And when I have finished a ride it uploads to Garmin Connect. Of course I still use Strava as I want to see how I’ve done compared with everyone else. Fantastic bit of kit!

Here is the ride. It is a good ride provided you return via Houghton Hill to Arundel. Don’t ride to Storrington! By the way I have fit new bars to the bike, that are 3T Ergosum, a compact with a longer reach. Really comfortable in the drops or on the hoods. I explain more later.

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