A different sort of ride

You can ride a bike whichever way that you want. There are road bikes, mountain bikes and everything else in between. The bike often dictates how you will ride. I wanted to do something different today. I wanted a relaxing trip and chose the commuter, it is a Ridgeback Panorama touring bike and I wanted to break in my Brooks B17 saddle. This beast weighs 27 pounds which is quite light for that sort of bike. However, I never ride it without the panniers, it would be like driving  an artic. without the trailer. The old duck cotton bags with contents, lock etc, bring the bike’s weight up to over 40 pounds.

The Downs Link
The Downs Link, very pleasant riding

I didn’t know where to ride and found myself in Shoreham when I realised that I had a go anywhere machine and so went up the Downs Link. What a change and what a great ride, no hills and pretty smooth. The Panorama was perfect for this and I rode to Partridge Green for a pastry.  I’ll have to go the whole way some time. It seemed much more fun and quicker on the Panorama than on a mountain bike.

A touring bike isn’t the coolest thing and has been pushed out of the lime light by the current trend for cyclo-cross bikes. They both often use the same parts, can do the same sort of thing with a good cyclo-cross bike sacrificing the comfort of a tourer for light weight (if you want a bargain look at the Whyte King’s Cross). You takes your choice. No fear of punctures either, my tyres are Schwalbe Marathon Plus 28mm (£34.99). I have had them for nearly three years and never had a puncture. I sold a pair to a girl riding from the Arctic Circle to Casablanca, 4000 miles – no punctures! These tyres are available from 23mm to 42mm in 700c and 26″.

Pastry – I never usually stop but today I was relaxing.

The saddle was always comfortable but it is now softening nicely. A bit of extra weight might help, hence the pastry.

Here’s the ride, quite a good trip with little or no traffic on the return. Ideal for any type of bike when dry except for a one with road racing tyres.

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