Can you ride? I mean can you just ride? Get on a bike, any bike, and pedal away….

Last Saturday I found myself fiddling in the garage setting up my crank. I was pairing my Stages Ultegra crank with my Garmin Edge 510. I then zeroed it so it would be ready to go first thing in the morning. Next day, with the rain bucketing down and my crank paired and heart rate monitor paired I thought that I might as well go the whole hog and pair up the phone. Miraculously, or maybe I had just done it right, it paired and I was off with regular updates beaming through the ether and onto my wife’s phone. I wonder if she would be interested? I wonder if anyone else wants all this hassle?

Stages power crank
Stages power crank

Now normal folk can ride with just a bike but I like a bit of information, usually for me the one thing that keeps me going is average speed. Heart rate seems a waste of time as my working zone seems so narrow, speed doesn’t mean much to me as I usually trying to ride as fast as I can. Distance and time I am not really fussed, who cares? So having all this data on the bike and even more off the bike on my PC may be wasted on me: elevation, distance, speed, temperature, cadence… The wonders of the modern day! However, I now have power. I am as fascinated with my power as I was 30 years ago with my heart beat. I don’t really know what it means yet but, just like my heart beat all those years ago, it is going to be fun finding out.

Power is everything. I don’t know my FTP (Functional Threshold Power) or my lactate tolerance but I will get tested. The Wilier Performance Progress Lab guys are coming to Quest Adventure again on the 4th September and the 2nd October to do some testing. I am first in the queue but would let any readers of this go ahead of me. If you read this Blog you will know that I rode the South Downs Way recently, nearly flat out all the way. I say nearly as I know my body and try to ride just below the level that will cause me to blow up. Just imagine if, after the test, I find out that I was holding back too much and am able to ride faster…..

So, as you may have heard me say in the shop, a computer, more to the point a Garmin is one of the most important accessories to have to enhance your riding experience. Maybe not a power crank but a record of all your rides, distances, speeds and personal records really adds to the fun.

Here is the last ride on Strava or Garmin Connect with all the data. Yes it did stop working in Shoreham – battery cover not tightened enough.

If you want to have a lactate test call us as we have some £25 off vouchers. If you want to do a power test we can do one for you here on or Apex Bike Fit machine and the Stages Ultegra crank (172.5mm) is available to hire.

Quest Adventure


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