Isn’t the internet great?

We all love the internet. We can’t manage without it. It empowers us. It gives us so much knowledge that we have become self sufficient. Many have actually gone beyond self sufficiency and have become veritable experts in fields that were previously a mystery. Subjects that used to take a life time to master are now at our finger tips or mouse. In fact hands on practical training is now unnecessary as a simple You tube video is all that is required to be a bona fide expert.

I often have to remind my team that using something as old fashioned and as out of date as telephone to speak to a human being, an expert, is often a quicker way to sort out a problem. We know from our research that our customers expect to be referred to an expert too.

Pornography is usually found on the internet and can make life frustrating, viewing what one may never get. Bike porn is the same. Use the internet for some basic research and stimulation but don’t take it so far that you end up a frustrated rider chasing the holy grail as you continue to delve deeper and deeper discovering ever more variations or prices. Get a life and get on a bike! Even if doesn’t quite live up to your most bizarre fetish at least you’ll have it and be getting it, sorry, riding it regularly.

It may be that the cycle industry is working in cohorts with the search engines to test even the most experienced of browsers in their search for that elusive headset bearing, BB, thru axle or Q factor. Some manufacturers even get their designs wrong so your new found part will never fit! We get given some weird stuff to try assemble.

The internet can affect the market too: 29ers or 27.5inch? Early adopters were either aware of the benefits of 29ers or met zealous users more than willing to evangelise over the advantages of the bigger wheel. Then along came the 27.5 with some obvious benefits especially for longer travelled suspension bikes. There are good arguments for both sizes but the self-made-internet-expert will not usually be able to leap from 26 to 29 alone and so will generally opt for 27.5 regardless. This reason alone may well dictate the future of wheels size rather than the specific needs of riders. We will have to wait and see.

Use the internet for some stimulation and basic product knowledge but be wary of using it as your sole source as, even if you have a good knowledge, you may find that you don’t get the right answer because you haven’t asked the right question. You may have a bargain, it may be a good spec but may not the best available for your needs. On price rest assured that whatever you come up with there will always be lower. Lower despite the current deflation in the cycle market. Bikes cost much less in real terms than they did 30 years ago. In 1984 an entry level mountain bike was £500 – it is still £500 but look at what you get now! Parts prices even at full SRP are dropping almost by the day so, whilst the internet will always give you lower, enjoy the fact that your bike and its parts have never been as cheap as they are right now. Your expectations and demands for your cycling may have gone up but fortunately the prices have gone down.

If you need any advice or your internet purchases fitting/assembling then we would welcome the opportunity to help you out. You can even buy from us on line here: Quest Adventure. But read about us to.

Google by all means but remember that all you really have to do is…..RIDE!


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