Putting theory into practice – how to ride on slippery trails?

Whyte Gisburn
Leafy trails with the Whyte Gisburn

I wrote 12 months ago about being asked for a tyre with more grip. On Saturday I updated that particular article as our newsletter linked to it. At this time of year we are asked over and over for tyres with more grip. So it was interesting to go out riding in the mist and damp this Sunday morning with my words in my head. My theories are valid. They work in practice hence the name of my ride on Strava today: “Putting theory into practice”. I felt safe and happy with my 37mm Maxxis Riddlers.

Braking bumps
How about these for braking bumps!

I could have, should have, ridden the Whyte T-129 again to finish off my review but the lure of the Whyte Gisburn cross bike was too much for me. Its light and fast but most of all it is so exciting to ride on autumn trails.

The aforementioned article is on our website blog here.

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