E-bikes may make us more European!

Why, you might ask? They are giving riders and the county new opportunities. You can save time and money too.

Let me tell about a few riders with electric bikes.

Scott E-Spark
Ali on his Scott E-Spark, Swinely

My daughter’s boyfriend is young (25), fit and strong. He works ten miles from home and has a semi off road route to work. He bought a Scott E-Spark to do the journey and cycles every day. At the weekend he can be found shredding the trails at Swinely or Pitch Hill.

Two riders, both about 50 and with several bikes have bought Scott E-Genius and both say that it is the best thing that they have done. To quote “Thanks to the E-bike I have never come out of winter as fit!” When it’s horrible the E-bike is an easy choice.

Easy travelling on E-bikes
Easy travelling on E-bikes

A couple of friends living outside of Bath were considering a new car but complained that it was a 45 minute drive into town. They tried E-bikes and never looked back. That 45 minute drive is now a 13 minute cycle. Prior to getting these bikes they had not cycled. The two E-bike hybrids were a lot less than the new car.

Don’t forget that an E-bike is still a bike that needs to be pedalled. You don’t even have to switch the power on or can run it in Eco to get more of a work out. The range is usually up to 100km.  I have loads of anecdotes to tell you if you want more convincing.

We have some E-bike options on our website and many are there for you to test too.

So how will it make us more European?

The last story shows how the E-bike revolution may well be the catalyst to turn the UK into a European nation regardless of the Brexit vote. We are the only country in Europe to have prioritised the car over people in towns. Of course our European neighbours all drive as well and enjoy some great roads but they all respect cyclists. In fact most of them have prioritised rider safety with laws (speed limits), insurance (Strict Liability *) and cycle routes. All three of these sadly lacking in the UK. However, the introduction of the E-bike is already starting to transform cycle use in the car loving UK. In my last Blog I mentioned that quite ordinary folk ride to Brighton every day but I know for most British people the mere thought of riding is way beyond anything that they could contemplate. Given an electric, power assisted bike and the idea of riding from Worthing to Brighton may not seem so unreasonable.

As more and more people take up riding on E-bikes the priority on the roads will begin to change. First, with riders on the road, car speeds will begin to drop. Don’t worry. If you are a driver I guarantee that, even with lower speeds, your arrival time at work will be the same as it always is (and not too long after the cyclist if you are lucky). Then there is the “Safety in numbers” syndrome. This is what has happened in London and why so many are begining to commute by bike. The second change will that the cycling lobby will increase, not with rotund and excitable MAMILS (middle aged men in lycra) but ordinary non sporty people merely interested in getting to work on time and in safety. I suppose you could even add a third benefit, the increased health of that woman or man who previously though that you had to be Laura Kenny (nee. Trott) just to be able to ride ten miles.

E-mountain bike
E-bikes are for fun too. Brendon Fairclough ripping on a Scott E-Genius Plus


How easy is it to buy an E-bike?

In real terms, E-bikes are as low priced and any decent bike. Many riders already know what you need for a descent mountain or road bike. In many cases the electric commuter bike  will seem cheaper compared to a mid priced mountain or road bike.

Cycle to work schemes

You could save up to 40% of the cost by buying a bike on a Cycle to Work scheme. Nearly all businesses offer this to their staff although many will have a limit of £1,000. However, you can always top up to make up the difference

0% finance

If you want to buy it out right we offer zero percent finance over 12 months. You could be riding to work next week for a little as £27 per week**, or £5.41 per working day. How much does it cost to drive? Driving to Brighton and back in commuter hours probably costs £5.41 just for the diesel. To get the train is £6.71 per day with 12 month season ticket, £8 with a monthly pass!

There’s more on E-bikes on our website News page.


*Strict liability:

In tort law, strict liability is the imposition of liability on a party without a finding of fault (such as negligence or tortious intent). The claimant need only prove that the tort occurred and that the defendant was responsible. The law imputes strict liability to situations it considers to be inherently dangerous.

In other words if you are in a vehicle and you hit a cyclist you are presumed guilty. It is up to you to prove otherwise. The cyclist will have the same burden of proof if he or she hits a pedestrian. You’d be amazed at how this changes driving habits.

** Cost of 0% finance. Based on £2,000 bike cost less 30% deposit

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