Wilier Cento 1 SR customer review

Wilier Cento 1 SR
Andy’s Wilier Cento 1 SR Custom – fastest bike on the planet!

Wilier Cento1SR is it the best bike on the planet? – Andy Monk thinks so. He’s doing an Ironman later in the year and bought the Wilier to help him improve his time.

“I’m sure we could all debate which set of wheels could take the above accolade ……… but what nobody can dispute is the way that a bike makes you (me) feel – and the Cento 1SR makes me feel faster than any bike I’ve ridden before – and Strava says the same. I collected my Cento1 SR from Quest Adventure one week ago and have been ‘head over heels’ ever since – it’s a new bike after all.”

Read the rest of Andy’s glowing report on the Quest Adventure blog.

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