Biarritz to Barcelona in October 2017

Profile-day-2Last year a group of us arrange a cycle trip from St Malo to Santander. It was 1,000 miles over 10 days. It was going to the E2E Land’s End to John O’Groats but the weather and British drivers scared us off. In fact we are tough enough for the weather but not the great Britsh driver. Over 1,000 miles, ten days and on some busy roads, one, yes only one vehicle passed us close. Maybe the driver was a Brit.

We never thought that we could do it especially the consecutive days but surprised ourselves and so are going back for more. The next trip is a condensed version halving the time but beating the elevation.

We will climb over 18,000 metres over approximately 700 kilometres. We will be going over some of the most iconic mountains in cycling and like last time will ride it with support. Even though we have no claim to be pro riders we can enjoy riding it light weight and quick enjoying every moment. Get a puncture, raise you hand…… Can’t wait.

There’s and full break down of the route on our Quest Adventure website.

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