Whyte Bikes & servicing

I am pleased to announce that I will be working with Whyte Bikes as a Click ‘n Collect Partner and service centre. I’ve been linked to the team at Whyte for as long as I have been mountain biking. Believe it or not that is 35 years. My first bike came from them when I was running Sussex Windsurfing and they were called Surf Sales back then.

I have been repairing and servicing bikes since the shop closed. If you need any work doing please e-mail meWhyte T-130 S Bike Park Wales As a household we follow the Government guidelines on social distancing to the letter and ask that anyone bringing a bike should respect those guidelines too.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda White says:

    Are you still servicing bikes please?

    1. Yes, details on the website. Email if you want some work on your bike

  2. MRS PEARL DUKE says:

    could you please collect my bike as I have no means of getting it a repair shop.

    1. Email me, address on the website

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