Carved up and too tired to chase

I got carved up today. Big time. As I approached the Offington roundabout I pulled into the middle of the lane as recommended by the Institute of Advanced Drivers. I then proceeded to ride past the Warren Road. As I was about to get the traffic island a yellow luton van literally started to nudge me over. My first thought was that the driver would realise his error and slow up but that was not the case. When he realised that I wasn’t slowing he quite rightly figured that by turning across me I was bound to give in. Wagging his finger at me he knew that I was beaten.

I then set off in pursuit. Just my luck the traffic was flowing. Never wanting to be beaten I hammered up Warren Hill. I was sure to catch him at the lights. I had forgotten that I had just come back from running around Cissbury. There was nothing in my legs and the driver got away.

I put his number in the the dictaphone on my phone and just as soon as I figure out how to retrieve it I’ll put him on line with Operation Crackdown.

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