Back riding again

I’ve had some complaints that there have been so few new blog entries. Well, there’s been so few miles ridden!

Sunday was a great Autumn day, it threatened cold but by 8am I was wondering whether the knee warmers would have to come off.  With my brother riding in France and my buddies wanting a lay-in, I headed off on my own. Riding on my own I came upon more groups of riders than ever. I met a bunch from Brighton off to Midhusrt for a coffee. I rode past but then thought this too rude so I waited and rode the Coombes road together. Then I headed off on my own route at my own pace.

The wind was blowing from the North East but it was so warm that I was quite happy to grind into it looking forward to being blown home. I have often ridden against this wind anticipating an easy ride home and each time at the turn it seems that the wind turns too. This always happens! Sunday, though, I was lucky and enjoyed the cruise back wind assisted. I love going through Partridge Green, close to home with the Downs in sight it is usually time to put the hammer down knowing that blowing up is not an issue so close to Worthing.

Passing through Ashurst I linked up with Chris The Butcher, handy, as I needed to know how to bone a leg of lamb. What a great sport this is that you can just hook up with a rider and share a few riding thoughts and miles and then bid your good byes and go your own way. I had an appointment with The Bostal.

Cycling is not all about pain.

Sussex, Autumn… We are so lucky to live here!

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