Frosty mornings!

For some these chill mornings herald the close of the season. Not so for me. October is my favorite month with some great rides to look forward to. Bring on the frozen trails. I have always found October exciting. The weather brings on so many surprises. You can get up early with a frost  knowing that, as you head out in the chill, the sun will begin to feel warm and by mid day it could be 18 degrees. The wonder of October.

Magnificent skies, incredible dews, hedge rows decorated with quicksilver cobwebs, and then there are the leaves. This is Autumn. The only concern is what to wear but at least with today’s choices there is no need to be uncomfortable. I can’t wait to test my NW Fahrenheit road boots.

Back to reality. This morning was ear tingly chill but invigorating as I beat the sun into work. I was listening to The Suburbs, the new Arcade Fire album. Make the most of the seasons magic moments as I am sure there be some grim days ahead.

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  1. Dean Barwell says:

    I work shifts and ride in on lates. Early shift would be so early if I cycled that I would be sleeping at my desk, hang on, what’s the down side?
    Been wearing a new merino wool top and will be adding wind stopper and chunky socks if it stays this chilly.
    love that cold air in your lungs when cycling home on the seafront and what a great commuter route to have to take. I have been known to stop at the Henty Arms in Ferring just to let my extremities warm up you’ll understand!

    1. I’m glad that you share the same upbeat approach to life and the pleasure that you can get out of simply being out side as I do.
      Enjoy your commute and the emergency pit stops in Ferring.

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