That’s what friends are for

The view from the back

Is it true that you cannot remember pain? It seems that every ride now involves a degree of discomfort, best described as: pain. Was it always like that? If so, how is it that I became such a bike nut. How did I get through the races? Yesterday, as the ride went on so the pain increased. My legs were screaming. I even started to think that the extra insole was affecting my saddle height and that was the problem. Maybe I had just forgotten what it was like to ride quick. Maybe you just can’t remember pain!

I had decided to ride on the road so at least I had my usual dilemma sorted. The problem was that there were two riding options. One with a friend who was taking it easy. His taking it easy would probably be fine for me as he is so strong. The other  would be leaving earlier and would be less structured. I opted for the first but my buddy overslept. I called the others who were already 40mins into their ride to figure out if I could meet them on their return. Riding on my own I got a call to say that they were in Steyning. They had come back for me!

Riding in a group usually means a faster ride and whilst we did not break any records I really did begin to suffer as the ride went on. So thanks for waiting for me boys and thanks for the beating. That’s what friends are for.

I don’t know about you but, wrapped up in the right gear, I really love these cool Autumn rides. If it wasn’t for the obvious safety issue I’d love to wear one of those tea cosy beanies that you used to see all the old pros wearing on their winter rides around Lago di Como.

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